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I went in for their "free" auditing and was then asked to pay $20! I refused to pay and i will not give them a dollar! This acting school is a waste of money. At first i thought it would be a good learning experience for my daughter because of their extensive list of films they had produced. but once i arrived i realized that all of their "films" are low quality high school films that look like they could have been made on my phone. The teachers and crew members are all college students with no experience. This would be a great place if it were in a free rec center but for the price they charge their work is complete garbage!


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Mother of two.

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Wish I knew this before now.. i agree totally go to LA


The funny thing about this scam company is that the high school students they have do the work are also required to go online and refute the many complaints about Casting Call Entertainment. I cant believe that they can convince anyone to give them money


To be honest, your better off going to Los Angeles to Acting School if you want to get real training! Vegas doesn't have real Acting schools with top professionals here!

There all scams!!!!

Most directors don't hire any actors out of Vegas they have 100,0000 thousands of Actors in L.A alone.. Good luck out there, it's tough!!!


thanks for the heads up. I talked to them this morning but decided to look for complaints online before writing a check. thank you thank you

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